MAGIS Center for Equity and Inclusion

In accordance with the Jesuit ideal of social justice, ST。伊格内修斯 College Preparatory fosters a community of understanding, respect, and inclusion of students of all backgrounds. SI promotes respect for all forms of diversity and strives for solidarity within the entire school community. 

Studies have shown that, regardless of socio-cultural backgrounds, all students exposed to diversity are better at critical thinking, problem solving, interacting with a diverse workforce and becoming effective and empathetic leaders and agents of change than their counterparts who had little exposure to diversity.

Through education and awareness, SI provides students the opportunity to honor and understand the diverse world in which we live in order to cultivate empathetic, effective leaders and agents of change. 

MAGIS 高中支持 Programs

MAGIS 高中支持 Programs provide affirmation and awareness collectively through the following programs:

  • Safe Space fostering community and unity through diversity
  • Academic Support: freshman transition to HS, after school tutoring and homework club
  • MAGIS Community Days: support group that allows students to share and learn from each other
  • MAGIS Film Days discussing issues of race and identity
  • MAGIS College Advising: supplemental college application assistance and resources
  • MAGIS College Tours: local and Southern California colleges and universities

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