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Academic Requirements

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

St. Ignatius is a college preparatory school for young women and men operated under the auspices and direction of the California Province of the Society of Jesus (Jesuits). As a Jesuit school, St. Ignatius brings the 450-year Jesuit tradition of personal care to bear on every facet of its program. The curriculum at St. Ignatius represents a combination of courses fundamental to the Ignatian spirit of education, and includes every aspect of the ST。伊格内修斯 experience: religious, social, and psychological, as well as academic.

ST。伊格内修斯 College Preparatory strives to form students who are open to growth, intellectual, religious, loving, committed to justice and capable of leadership. The goal of the curriculum, therefore, is to help our students begin to meet this profile of the Grad at Grad: Profile 2020 outlined in the Student/Parent Handbook.

This catalog has been produced to assist in developing a course of study for the next school year. The keynote to planning a program of studies is personal responsibility. The student is to take an active role in the planning for his or her future. 学生们 are encouraged to discuss their plans in depth with parents, counselors, teachers, and administrators.

When planning a program of studies, keep in mind the following graduation requirements. These requirements have been selected in a way that meet or exceed the prerequisites and recommended subjects for college admissions.

Graduation Requirements

英语: Eight Semesters
精美艺术: Two Semesters
语言: Four Semesters of same language
数学: Six Semesters
Physical Education: Two Semesters
Religious Studies: Seven Semesters
科学: Four Semesters
Social 科学: Six Semesters
College Preparatory Electives: Nine Semesters
Community 服务 Program: 100 hours, supervised

学生们 are 需要 to enroll in six classes each semester at St. Ignatius. Study periods are not allowed unless the student has taken a pre-approved equivalency summer school course at St. Ignatius. All courses at ST。伊格内修斯 are equally valued. It should not be assumed that one type of course will prove less demanding or require less of a commitment than an offering in one of the other academic disciplines.

Honors and Advanced Placement Programs

It is our intention to make the best use of our students’ God-given talents by ensuring they are presented with the academic challenge and individual attention which have been a hallmark of Jesuit education at ST。伊格内修斯 since 1855.

Freshmen are admitted to the Honors classes based upon their elementary school GPA, recommendations, and scores on the entrance and placement examinations. In the sophomore, junior, and senior years, students who meet with academic success in one or more academic areas are encouraged to apply for Honors and/or Advanced Placement courses. Please see the Honors and AP course criteria.

学生们 enrolled in Advanced Placement courses are 需要 to take the AP exam at the end of the school year. Advanced Placement Examinations enable students to demonstrate their competence in college level courses by taking three-hour examinations in mid-May. These tests contain objective and written sections and, in the case of language exams, a listening and speaking portion as well.

While it is important to take a rigorous course load, taking too many Honors or Advanced Placement courses can be detrimental. 学生们 should think carefully about an Honors or Advanced Placement course load, and discuss it with parents and counselors. This is especially true if students are considering more than two Honors or Advanced Placement courses.


If a student takes a summer school equivalency course at S.I. in the summer of 2020, he or she may take one study hall period for each semester of equivalency. Only one study hall per semester is allowed. 学生们 eligible for only one semester of study hall will be assigned to the semester which best fits the schedule. No choice of semester or periods will be offered. If the student is eligible for study hall, he or she should check the appropriate box on the schedule request form.

Change in Schedule

学生们 should have a compelling reason to change their schedule. All Schedule Change 形式 requiring different Fall or Year-Long courses must be received with all 需要 signatures in the Scheduling Office by 8:30 am Tuesday, August 25, 2020. Requests affecting only Spring single-semester courses may be submitted through Friday, December 17, 2020. However, students are encouraged to 提交 all requests for both semesters by August 25, 2020, since, after this date, options for changing only Spring single-semester classes will be limited. After these dates, only students with an academically compelling reason may request a change in schedule. In many cases, this change would be initiated by the counselor or the teacher. 学生们 are not allowed to "drop" classes after the deadline.