Mission and 历史


The FR。绍尔学院 seeks to prepare young women and men from under-resourced communities to be successful at ST。伊格内修斯 College Preparatory, in higher education, and beyond. In partnership with families, the 学院 will provide access to a Catholic, Jesuit education so that scholars may develop their gifts and talents in a loving community for the greater glory of God.

The Fr. Sauer 学院 provides scholars the opportunity to transform their lives and maximize their potential through a quality education based on faith. At the FR。绍尔学院, we believe that…

  • God is in all things.
  • Scholars are successful when families and educators are a team.
  • We are men and women for and with others.
  • All scholars can and will learn to their fullest potential.
  • All children are entitled to a safe, empowering and rigorous school environment.

Because our beliefs are best shown to others by our daily actions, FR。绍尔学院 scholars and educators are expected to demonstrate the follow actions in their daily living:

Love  •  Unite  •   Persist   •   Serve   •   Seek   •   Lead  

Upon completion of 8th grade, we expect that our scholars will:

  • Be open to growth, religious, loving, intellectually competent, leaders in collaboration, and committed to doing justice.
  • Possess high academic skills that prepare scholars for high school and college.
  • Think critically—demonstrated through reading, writing, problem-solving, speaking and collaborating with others.
  • Know the beliefs, traditions, values and Christian behavior informed by the Catholic faith.
  • Have a sense of responsibility to respect and serve others and a keen sense of being loved, valued and respected.
  • Develop an appreciation of the arts which adds richness and beauty to their lives.
  • Understand nutrition and fitness that promotes informed decisions for healthy living.


On October 8, 2016, ST。伊格内修斯 College Preparatory President Edward Reese, S.J. announced the creation of the Fr. Anthony P. Sauer, S.J. 学院, a full scholarship junior high school program which began in August 2017 with its first class of 6th graders.