St. Ignatius

Performing Arts for Students

Please know that this information below might change as public health standards adjust in this pandemic.  The safety of our students and our staff is our utmost concern. 

Performing arts is really excited to get back to work this semester. Things will be a bit different but what will not change is the fun times we all will have in the performing arts. Below is information on both auditions and rehearsals procedures. Our plan will be to perform in the spring using the fall for rehearsals and preparation time.                                           

We will have our opening kick off performing arts meeting at 3:30 p.m. on Friday, August 28. All ARE welcome.  We will announce our season and answer any questions regarding auditions and rehearsals. 

Zoom meeting link: //

Zoom password: STAR

Contact Mr. Curry, Director of Performing Arts, with questions.

2020 Fall Play & PLAYWRIGHT CAST

(Fall Play to be announced on August 28th) 

Audition Process

Fall Play auditions take place on Monday 8/31 in Bannan Theatre using protocols to protect students and Staff or via zoom.  There is an initial audition with the Director where you read a short monologue that is provided.  You must fill out an audition form and an audition time sign up form (links below). 

Additional Information link

Must fill out both:               

Audition Form Link                 

Audition Time Sign up Link

Audition Monologues (after 8/28)

Fall Play Rehearsal Process

Will be every Monday and Tuesday after school on site in Bannan Theatre with small groups rehearsing.  This will be augmented with online rehearsals via zoom and character development. 

Playwright Rehearsal Process

Will start later in the semester.  details to be determined later in the fall.

Contact Mr. Curry with questions

2021- 21 Dance workshop AUDITIONS

Audition Process

Audition Info: Dance placement auditions will take place the first week of school on Wednesday, September 2, 2020. A video of the audition piece will be posted for students to prep and learn before the audition date (after 8/21). Choreography will be auditioned during a scheduled time in socially distant spaced groups of five in Wiegand Theater. In order to audition, please fill out the audition form and the time sheet. A Zoom audition will be available for those who prefer that option. 

Dance Attire: Comfortable dance attire. Clothes must be appropriate for a school setting. 

Shoes: Dance shoes/clean socks are required to auditions/in person rehearsals. Street shoes are not allowed in the theater.

Please fill out the audition form prior to the audition date on September 2nd.

Must fill out both:     

Audition Form Link

Audition Time Sign up Link

Rehearsal Process

Dancers will be placed in their appropriate level. Each level will have a designated day of the week to rehearse in small groups under ten. The rehearsals will consist of technique class and learning performance based choreography in their small groups. 

Questions: contact Ms. Emily Shick

2020 - 2021 Choral


Previous members of chamber do not need to audition unless contacted by the director. Auditions on site in Choral room Tuesday 9/1 & Thursday 9/3 by appointment only

  • Prepare a song of your choosing to sing (1 min)
  • You will be asked to sight sing a simple excerpt
  • Ms. Gomes will lead you through warm ups and short ear training exercises

Complete Both

1) Audition Form

2) Sign up for an audition slot: Sign Up Sheet

Chamber members are also required to be members of the Mixed Chorus


Will be held out doors or an individual meeting in person or online.


Rehearsal times will be emailed at a later date once Chamber is solidified

If you have any questions please contact Ms. Gomes at:

2020 - 2021 TECH THEATRE


The Tech program at SI would be broken down into both online course work as well as hands-on work in the shop or in Bannan. Students would attend virtual sessions twice a week similar to the summer program but more focused.  Students would then rotate through practical hands on sessions twice a week in the shop with groups of 4 or less. This allows for hands on instruction with students working in the shop and Bannan where social distancing can be adhered to. 

An email will be sent out with more info regarding stating dates

Contact Mr. Lam  or Ms. O'Rielly with Stage Crew questions


Will break down into small groups of 2 - 3 and rotate work sessions.  More details on dates will be sent near the start of school.

Contact Ms. Ritchey with Costume Crew questions


You ONLY need to audition if you are new, or if you would like to audition for a section leader or concertmaster position. 

Audition Process

Orchestra Auditions: Monday August 24th 11am-4pm - Auditioning via zoom

Sign up for an audition appointment using the link below.  Prepare a 1-minute solo of your choice. Also prepare 2 two-octave scales of your choice, performed at 110 beats per minute or faster. 

Audition Appointment Signup Sheet Link

Rehearsal Process

Orchestra meets Mondays from 3:15 - 6:15pm 

We will have a string orchestra & a percussion ensemble - all the wind/brass and percussionists will work on their rhythm and sight-reading skills this fall.   Students will be placed into smaller groups of 4-8 students & coached in 30-45 minute increments / then they will have 30 minutes to practice on their own with their group somewhere in that 3:15 - 6:15pm window of time.

Spring rehearsals: Monday evening or afternoon rehearsal time TBA

If you have any questions please contact Dr. Clements at:

2020-21 Jazz Band auditions

Audition Process

Auditions via Zoom Tuesday August 25th 12-5PM.  Here’s a link to a Google sheet where students can sign up:

Audition Time Sign Up Link

Here is the link to audition materials, organized by instrument:

Instrument audition material link

If you are unable to audition via Zoom with your instrument - contact Mr. Green to make other arrangements - (link is below)

Rehearsal Process

Jazz Band rehearses Tuesdays and Thursdays 3-5PM.  Rehearsal space will be announced closer to start of school.  We will rehearse in small groups while maintaining physical distance.

If you have any questions, please email Mr. Green at


(Musical to be announced on August 28th) 


Musical & Cabaret auditions take place together in November either in person in Bannan Theatre.  There is a vocal audition and a dance audition - you must go to both.  You must fill out an audition form and vocal time sign up form (links below)

Additional Information

Vocals Nov 9 & 10 3:00pm              Dance Nov 11 3:00pm

Must fill out both:               

Audition Form Link                 

Vocal Audition Time Sign up Link

Audition Song (Link after 8/28)

Contact Mr. Curry with musical questions

Contact Ms. Shick with Cabaret questions