Current 学生们

Who has access to the 学习中心?

The 学习中心 provides services to students who have 提交ted appropriate documentation indicating a learning disability or ADHD to their Personal Academic Counselor (PAC).  The ideal time to provide documentation is prior to entrance at SI.  If a student is identified during their time as a student at SI, please provide all essential documentation to your Personal Academic Counselor at the time of diagnosis. 

Current 学生们

If you have a pre-existing diagnosis or formal accommodation plan from your last school, please provide that to your PAC.  学生们 and parents who would like more information about completing academic testing to rule in/out a learning difference or ADHD, please contact your Personal Academic Counselor for appropriate next steps.  

Joining the Caseload

Your PAC will provide individual families with appropriate next steps. This process is not identical family by family; your PAC will first coordinate next best steps with the Director of the Learning Center to establish a timeline and support plan for your individual student's needs.  Once a plan is created the PAC will connect the family with the 学习中心.

The ST。伊格内修斯 Learning Center will add students to the caseload during designated "windows" each quarter. Your PAC will direct families and students as to when the next available window will be open.  During that time meetings will be held with families and PAC to orient all to the accommodations available in the 学习中心.

More questions, please see our General Accommodations 页。