Macroeconomics Analysis

经济学 – Macroeconomic Analysis

Research Databases

Research hint: develop a list of search terms and synonyms from your assignment (i.e., , Carbon tax, Keystone pipeline). Start with these terms and then check your search results for Subject Headings that are relevant and use those to narrow your search.  搜索es can also be limited by dates.

These research databases have been checked and have abundant information on the assigned topics.  搜索 hints are described below each database.  Scroll through both initial page and search results pages to find additional search topics that may be relevant.  Remember that all have a citation button which provides the correct MLA citation for your Works Cited page

Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center -Today's social issues, featuring viewpoint articles, topic overviews. This database may have a page devoted to one of the assigned topics, so check the Browse Issues feature first. If a specific topic is not available, then use your search term(s) to navigate to the information.

Social Issues Resource Series (SIRS) - 新闻papers, magazines, maps, and reference sources.  Click on "More issues" on the RH side of the initial web page and start your search on the Issues page. I also found pages from suggested subject topics so look for these on your results page.  You also may want link to Economic policy, U.S. and move the scroll bar at the top of the page to find relevant results.

的EBSCOhost - Academic Journals, periodicals and newspapers. Use the Advanced 搜索 feature and combine your terms with United States under the subject.


Internet Resources - 经济学  -  Check out the 经济学/Statistics section for websites that may have information relevant to your assigned topics

Presidential candidates:

These websites have issues content for each candidate.