SF Politics and Other Gov Research Sources

This page lists resources that will be helpful for the senior government classes. It will be continually updated as we come across useful sources. 

有用的数据库(点击 这里 for passwords if you need them):

EBSCO (Excellent for biographical information)

JSTOR (Excellent for analysis)

SIRS  (Excellent for social issues & Supreme Court & government related information)


Biography databases

Biography In Context A constantly updated resource of biographies of notable people from around the world.

Great Lives From History A collection of published biographies, primary sources, and articles surrounding historical events in world and US history 


旧金山 - Related

旧金山 Public 图书馆 新闻paper Archives (requires login and PW written on board during lesson)

SF Gate's Local 新闻

SF Chronicle's page dedicated to Politics and Policy

旧金山 History Center contains a research collection of books, newspapers and magazines, photographs, maps, posters, archives and manuscript collections, and ephemera, documenting all aspects of San Francisco life and history. The Center is also the archives for the City and County of 旧金山.

Bay Area Television Archive -  preserves 6000 hours of newsfilm, documentaries and other TV footage produced in the Bay Area and Northern California from the Twentieth Century.

We have many books in 我们的产品目录 devoted to 旧金山 politics, neighborhoods, and history.


Constitutional Law:

oyez -a free law project from Cornell’s Legal Information Institute (LII), Justia, and 芝加哥-Kent College of Law—is a multimedia archive devoted to making the Supreme Court of the United States accessible to everyone. 

Constitution page from the founding documents at the National Archives 

图书馆 of Congress’s U.S. Constitutional Law resource page 

Congress.gov provides updates on Congressional action

Congressional Digest 可以用 EBSCO.



National Criminal Justice Reference 服务

American Bar Association Criminal Justice Resources



National Archives Civil Rights page

图书馆 of Congress Civil Rights Resource Guide

Congress.gov provides updates on Congressional action, some related to civil rights

American Bar Association Civil Rights and 社会正义 Resources


Purdue OWL MLA Formatting and Style Guide: This site has the rules for everything you need to know about MLA. It also has a model paper to show you exactly what an MLA formatted paper should look like, including a Works Cited.

We recommend using the tools at OWL or the MLA风格指南 to format your Works Cited entries because EasyBib and similar tools very often produce erroneous entries.

来看看我们: Questions? Need help? Please come see us in the library. Helping you learn how to dig deep into information, read it critically, and synthesize it into your own argument gives us great pleasure.